Tuesday, April 20, 2010

100K-Plan: Stock Picks

The most challenging thing about stock investment is which one to pick. I'm currently using metastock to help me do this. But then, there is the problem with stock data, however, I just found a nice guy who created this excel file that help me do the job. http://sites.google.com/site/stockhistoricaldata/

It make life so much easier for me to get stock data for free.

So, after converting the stock data to metastock format, I ran ExpertExplorer on metastock for MACD Buy signal. There are other expert adviser in Metastock, but I happy with this simple one.

This week, I have two picks. C38U and E3B, uses the stock symbol from yahoo finance, so I dont bother to change it back.

C38U.SI = CapitalMall
Closed: 1.83 on 16Apr2010. Today: 21Apr, 2:27PM: 1.86

E3B.SI = WeeHur
Closed: 0.51 on 16Apr: Today: 0.53, 21Apr,2.29pm

Buy: 5000 shares @ 0.53

Update: Did not have must movement, so, I sold the shares @0.54 27Apr2010

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